1. Preliminary Poojas

In line with ensuring that the Temple was built in strict accordance with our Sastras and Aagamas, preliminary rituals prescribed in the Kamika Aagama and the Kashyapa Shirpa Sastra were carried out.

Accordingly, a Ganapathy Homa, Navagraha Homa, Pravesha Bali Pooja, Vaasthu Shanti Pooja, Bhugarshanam, the ritual of growing cereals on the ploughed site, Ko Vaasam, Sanggu Dikpareshethanam and Kadaikaal Iduthal were all performed in succession, even before the first foundation stone was laid. The Sri Shakti Temple is perhaps the first and only temple in Malaysia where all the above-mentioned preliminary poojas were conducted prior to commencement of construction.

2. 64 Sri Chakras

According to our sastras, there are 64 Yogini Shaktis residing in a human body. To reflect this ideology, the Moolasthanam Gopuram (tower above the sanctum sanctorum) was divided into 8 segments. In each segment, 8 quantities of Sri Chakras and 8 sets of Navaratnas (9 types of gems) were duly installed, thus resulting in a combined total of 64 Sri Chakras and 64 sets of Navaratnas that have been embedded in the Moolasthanam Gopuram.
Also installed in the main Moolasthanam is a Sri Chakra Meru. The larger the quantity of prayers performed on the Meru, the greater the divine energy that is generated. As such, the embedded 64 Sri Chakras and 64 Navaratnas sets will amplify the divine vibrations initiated within the Moolasthanam and this divine energy will protectively cloak any and all devotees present – an element that is characteristic only of our temple.

3. 51 Shakti Peedams

This is the first Temple in the world, which organised a pilgrimage to all 51 Shakti Peedhams (Holy Shakti centres). At each of these peedhams, a yantra (a geometric religious metal diagram) embossed with the bija (seed) mantra pertaining to the deity was sanctified and a little sacred earth from each peedham collected. These yantras and earth were placed within the pedestal of Mother Sri Shakti Mari in the Main Moolasthanam. The complexity involved in this undertaking may better be appreciated when one realises that only 44 of these peedhams are located in India, while 3 are found in Nepal and 1 each in Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka. Therefore visiting our Sri Shakti Temple in Shaktipuram, Bukit Rotan is comparable to visiting all the Shakti Peedhams located across 6 countries and obtaining the Grace and Blessings of these 51 Shaktis.

4. Phelastabanam (Garppanyaasam)

According to our sastras and Aagamas, the Phelastabanam or Garppanyaasam is an important ritual that must be performed in a newly constructed temple. This ritual requires the fabrication of either a golden or silver box of compartments. Various materials such as Navaratnas sets, golden representations of the weapons carried by the Moola Moorthy (Principal Deity), golden representations of the ornaments worn by the Moola Moorthy, powerful herbs and some other special materials are placed into these compartments. After appropriate poojas, the box will be placed within the pedestal of the Moola Moorthy in a special ceremony called Phelastabanam. The Kamika Aagama describes detailed instructions about this ritual.

Consequently, the Phelastabanam ceremony was accordingly performed in our Sri Shakti Temple. Due to its singular properties, the Phelastabanam is a very rare ceremony and our Sri Shakti Temple is perhaps the only temple in Malaysia where the Phelastabanam ritual was carried out. Meanwhile, the precious stones and special herbs placed in the phelai have unique properties, which when combined with the divine vibrations that arise from the recitation of the Veda and Aagama mantras will form a blessed cocoon that will encompass the devotees of our Temple.

5. Shakti Mayam

Our Temple radiates with the grace of Shakti as there is a considerable presence of Shakti here. For example, Lord Ganesha reigns here with his Shakti, as Laxmi Ganapathy, Lord Muruga is accompanied by Mothers Valli and Devaiyanai while Lord Natarajan is escorted by Mother Sivagami. Even Lord Swarna Agarshana Bhairavar and the Navagrahas are accompanied by their respective Shaktis.
The Temple also has separate shrines for the Goddeses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswathi respectively.

6. Kumbabishegam (Consecration ceremony)

An elaborate Punaravartthana, Swarnabanthana, Ashtabanthana Uttama Patcha Maha Kumbabishegam was conducted to consecrate this Temple on April 25, 2013. For the first time in Malaysia, an intricate Yagasalai measuring 100 feet by 100 feet was fabricated to house the separate homa kundams of which 33 homa kundams were crafted just for the Moola Moorthy (Principal Deity) alone.
The Kumbabishegam was celebrated with utmost devotion by a team of more than 100 Shivachariyaars from Malaysia and India in the presence and blessings of His Holiness Sri Shakti Amma from Sri Narayani Siddhar Peedham, Golden Temple in Vellore, Tamilnadu.